Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

Vasectomy reversal surgery is our expertise and specialty. Our outpatient facility is dedicated to the performance of only vasectomy reversal surgery. With 30 years experience, we have never had a vasectomy that we could not successfully reconnect, even those that were told could not be reversed. We try very hard to keep your vasectomy reversal cost affordable for you and owning our own facility helps make this possible. Having your surgery in our facility will also be more convenient and comfortable than a public surgery center or hospital. We offer several financing options. We strive to be the best of the best. We guarantee you will not find better care or service anywhere at any price. We hope you will allow the staff and Dr. Daniel the opportunity to prove this to you.


The experience and training of your vasectomy reversal specialist is of the greatest importance for your success.

Dr. Daniel is board certified by the American Board of Urology. Having served many years in the speciality of Urology, Dr. Daniel shifted his focus to only performing Vasectomy Reversal Surgery. Today Dr. Daniel only performs Vasectomy Reversals and does not participate in any other form of Medicine. He believes this to be his life calling and understands the importance of being proficient in all aspects of the procedure. During residency, Dr. Daniel found himself occupying his limited free time practicing reversals on the lab rats. The female rat’s Fallopian tubes are about the same size as a human males vas deferens. Dr. Daniel quickly exhausted the universities supply of female rats, and began practicing the procedure on male lab rats which are about 10 times smaller. The exterior wall of the male rat's vas deferens is approximately the same size as the interior wall of the human male’s vas deferens.  Dr. Daniel became the leading expert on male reproductive medicine for his dexterity and practice of the reversal process. He currently is the only doctor in the eastern United States that can perform the standard Vasovasostomy as well as the more complicated Vasoepididymostomy, a process of reattaching the vas deferens directly to the epididymis. Dr. Daniel has performed thousands of vasectomy reversal procedures. He does the procedure every day.  Over the last 30 years, Dr. Daniel has successfully reconnected both sides in every case (where two testicles were present).  The training needed to be qualified to perform this surgery takes years. A doctor who has only attended a weekend course is not only posing an ethical compromise, they may also permanently truncate your chance of a successful outcome. 


Urology is the only specialty that provides specialty training in vasectomy reversal surgery.

If you are considering a doctor who is not a urologist to perform your reversal, he is not specialty trained to perform this procedure. Vasectomy Reversal surgery is considered by most urologists to be the most challenging and complex procedure performed. That is why we have dedicated this practice solely to the performance of vasectomy reversal surgery. We cannot be the best with vasectomy reversals and divide our time with other surgeries or types of procedures. Vasectomy reversal surgery should not be performed by physicians or other providers who are not trained as urologists in vasectomy reversal surgery. There are orthopedic surgeons, chest surgeons, gynecologists, general surgeons, family practice doctors, and others currently performing vasectomy reversal procedures. No one would expect a patient to come to a urologist for a hip replacement or for chest surgery, as this is outside of our specialty. Having a reversal performed by someone that is not a urologist would not be a logical choice. We would also suggest that you do not want a surgeon that does this procedure “occasionally” to perform your vasectomy reversal. We perform vasectomy reversal surgery every day.  A Re-do procedure is more costly and potentially less successful than a properly performed primary vasectomy reversal. Your best chance for success is with the first reversal procedure.


We utilize the highest quality surgical microscope available.

This procedure cannot be properly performed without a surgical microscope, period. First quality surgical microscopes are very expensive. Surgical loupes (magnifying glasses) and dental microscopes are not. This procedure cannot be properly performed without the best microscope, instruments, and equipment.


We only use L.E.D. lights.

Even the lights above matter. Halogen lights are a lower cost alternative, however the heat generated by Halogen lighting is prohibitive to this procedure and can damage the vas from drying. LED lighting allows us to keep the procedure site well lit and avoids damaging the vas deferens.


We always perform the vasectomy reversal on both sides.

Some doctors performing this procedure will quote what sounds like a very low price, but this price only includes one side or only one part of the total cost. We want you to have the best chance of success and reconnecting both sides offers double the opportunity for success.


We use only the highest quality, brand name micro – sutures for this procedure.

There are suture options available that are much cheaper. Generic and out of date sutures can be purchased at significantly lower price, but have been known to become brittle and fail. Some reversal doctors utilize glue because it is easy. Surgical glue is not approved by the FDA for internal use and is less precise.


We want you to be as comfortable as possible.

We believe that patient comfort is of the utmost importance during a vasectomy reversal procedure. We provide outpatient vasectomy reversal surgery in our surgical facility preferring the use of local anesthesia and heavy oral sedation. It is our belief that this offers the best opportunity for your success and safety. Although some individuals will insist that reversal procedures must be performed with a general anesthetic, this is not true. Our practice does not use general anesthesia for several specific reasons you may not be aware of:

  1. General anesthesia involves more risk to you and is not as safe for you, because you are given medication that temporarily paralyzes your muscles and prevents you from being able to breath on your own. Not being able to breath on your own can also be very frightening.

  2. It costs much more to do this procedure with a general anesthetic, but provides no additional benefit. When the medication is stopped, there is also no further pain relief and the discomfort begins immediately.

  3. More magnification with the operative microscope can be employed when a ventilator is not in use. Movement of the diaphragm is transmitted to the scrotum when on a ventilator, necessitating a lower magnification setting on the operating microscope because the vas is now moving more. Dr. Daniel performs the anastomosis as precisely as possible, something that cannot be done as easily while on a ventilator. Breathing normally causes much less scrotal motion.

  4. Adding the use of a local anesthetic also helps ensure your comfort during the procedure and can last as much as an hour after surgery. When it does begin wearing off, the transition is slow, and is usually better tolerated. The oral sedation we employ helps you to relax while in surgery and also helps to minimize your movement while Dr. Daniel is working. It will linger for several hours following the procedure. Although the intent is to make you comfortable, not to necessarily “knock you out,” we find most patients sleep during the entire procedure.


The cost of A vasectomy reversal will be considerably lower at Carolina Vasectomy Reversal than at a hospital or public surgery center.

Carolina Vasectomy Reversal was created to offer couples seeking a lower vasectomy reversal cost alternative to what is available in a hospital or public surgery center. When you ask a vasectomy reversal surgeon what the cost of a vasectomy reversal will be, you will most often be quoted his fee alone. When all the bills come, you will face additional charges from the facility, separate from the physicians’ fee. These include the O.R. charges, supplies, medications, anesthesia fees, microscope rental, recovery room fees, etc. 

If you are comparing prices, please compare apples to apples. You should compare Urologists with Urologists; this is the only specialty who has the potential for training in this area; no other type doctor does, but there are many other type doctors who offer this procedure who have no formal training. These are also the doctors who advertise the “to good to be true” prices. You should also check to see if a surgical microscope is used; the procedure cannot be performed correctly without one and this is a very expensive piece of equipment. Last, you should look at the experience and training of the doctor you are researching; we are second to none.


We have performed successful vasectomy reversals with vasectomies over 46 years old!

The sooner you make the decision to get your reversal performed, the greater the likelihood of your success. Some reversal doctors will not perform reversals on any patient who is more than 7 years out from their vasectomy. We have seen success with patients even as far out as 46 years post vasectomy. We do not charge extra based on the time from your original vasectomy or change your vasectomy reversal cost during the procedure, although a reversal is generally more difficult and time consuming as the time increases from the original vasectomy date. We do not provide other reproductive services or vasectomy procedures. You cannot specialize in vasectomy reversal surgery and then dedicate time to other treatments or surgeries.

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