Scheduling Your Procedure

When you call our office, you will be greeted by an experienced staff member who will be able to address most of your questions before you proceed with scheduling  your procedure. We must require a $600 nonrefundable deposit to hold your surgery date. If however, you need to move your surgery to an earlier date, you may do so without an additional deposit, if space is available. We cannot postpone or cancel your surgery without forfeiture of  your deposit in all but the most unusual of circumstances. We have arranged for very good corporate rates with some of our local hotels. Please ask our staff for this information before scheduling your hotel reservation.

If you live relatively close by and would prefer a no obligation consultation first, you are welcome to schedule this at your convenience. When you schedule your consultation, we do require a refundable $50 reservation fee. The $50 reservation fee will be refunded on the day of your consultation. If you have a lot of questions which might require more time than is usual, this is the recommended approach. We can even dedicate this session to your questions alone and save the more routine discussion for the date of surgery, if this works better for you.

We also offer TELEPHONE, SKYPE, and FACETIME consultations with Dr. Daniel himself at NO CHARGE for those patients who have questions they would like to have addressed prior to making the trip to South Carolina.



Price is one of the most important considerations for almost everyone  and most everyone wants to know about the cost of a vasectomy reversal here.  But, what you get for your money should be equally important.  Our practice is unique and offers several things you will not find in other practices who are performing vasectomy reversals.  We perform this procedure in our own state of the art facility, which allows us to offer vasectomy reversal surgery at a greatly reduced cost compared to most places around the country, especially anyone who is performing this procedure in a hospital or out-patient surgery setting.  This also allows for better quality control.  Our total vasectomy reversal cost is usually less than what most facilities charge for the use of a surgical microscope alone. This procedure cannot be correctly performed without a microscope. We always reverse both sides and use the best surgical microscope available. We use only the highest quality equipment and only the highest quality sutures available.  This too is absolutely critical.  We have no add on charges.  Even our consultation costs are included. We do our absolute best to keep our vasectomy reversal costs afordable, but we make no compromises. We refuse to cut corners anywhere. This surgery is too important. 


Surgical Consultation

The surgical consultation will generally take about 45 minutes to an hour. During this time, you will first be given the opportunity to ask Dr. Daniel any specific questions you might have. If you do not have any specific questions, that’s ok too. Dr. Daniel will go over the procedure with you in full detail. He will also cover the postoperative care and the medications that you will be receiving prior to and following the procedure. We will begin by discussing the different anesthethic options available for this procedure and why we choose the type of anesthesia that we use. We will discuss the placement of the incisions and how they will be closed. (We do not use any drains; they are not necessary).

Dr. Daniel will explain how your vasectomy will be put back together. Many people are told that their vasectomy is not reversible or that it has been too long since their vasectomy for this procedure to work. Neither of these statements are true. To date, we have never had anyone we could not reconnect, although some are needless to say easier than others.


Surgical Procedure

Do not eat anything on the morning of your surgery so that your medication will be absorbed quickly. After the medication has had some time to take effect, you will be taken back to the operating room. Dr. Daniel will  prep the area with two different surgical prep solutions, dry the area, and cover you with a drape sheet. You will  feel a marking pen on each side. After the sites for your incisions have been marked, you will receive injections on each side under this area. It will sting for less than a minute. After the injections, you should not experience any further discomfort.  We have yet to have anyone tell us that the reversal procedure was more uncomfortable than their vasectomy.

The surgery will take about 2 hours to complete. Dr. Daniel will close both incisions with a cosmetic or plastic type closure and apply a dressing.  When Dr. Daniel feels you are awake enough to get up, he will assist you in getting dressed if necessary.  Dr. Daniel will then bring you to your family member in an examination room and go over the procedure with both of you. Because patients are often still somewhat sedated from their medication, Dr. Daniel will write down all the surgical and postoperative care information for you and give you a copy before you leave.


After Your Surgery

You will need someone else to take you home or to your hotel and to stay with you until your medication has worn off completely. This is imperative for your safety. After your surgery, if you have any questions at all, we ask that you contact our office first during business hours, or Dr. Daniel directly on his cell phone, if the office is closed.

We ask that you bring a couple of ice packs, already cold, or frozen water bottles with you and use them diligently at least on the day of surgery.  It is also useful to bring a wide mouth bottle that you can fill with ice as needed on your way home. A plastic bag is useful to keep the bottles from sweating on your clothing and a hand towel can help with insulating the cold from your legs. The following day, if you find that they are still helping with your comfort, there is no harm in continuing to use ice. By the third day, if you wish to continue to use something, moist heat is usually preferable for both pain and any swelling.


Follow up

A follow up appointment is generally not necessary. You are certainly welcome to return for a follow-up visit if you feel you need to be seen for any reason, but this is very unusual, especially since most of our patients live some distance away.

At Carolina Vasectomy Reversal, this is all we do. We perform vasectomy reversal surgery four days a week, every week. We have been performing successful vasectomy reversal surgery for over 30 years and are confident you will be glad you chose to come here too.


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