What is the Success Rate of a Vasectomy Reversal?

To date, I have never had a vasectomy that I could not successfully reconnect. Many would then say our success rate is therefore 100%. The success of a vasectomy reversal though has many definitions depending on whose website you are on.

In order to quote a meaningful statistic, it needs to be qualified in time. Let’s say, in the year 2013, or between the months of, but not simply a number alone. It needs to state what the number of patients who actually followed up with a semen analysis or baby picture. A semen analysis costs about $120 and frankly many men just don’t want to do it even without the cost factor. Lack of follow-up also should not be equated with success.  It needs to correct for a host of variables and it should be updated frequently.

Vasectomy reversal success is dependent on a number of factors and on the willingness of patients to follow directions as well. There are many other reasons that play a role in the success of a vasectomy reversal other than just the skill and experience of the micro-surgeon. It goes without saying that the surgeon’s expertise is vital to the vasectomy reversal success, but many people omit other factors that can play an equal role that are beyond the control of the surgeon.

Medical and nonmedical testosterone use, as well as other performance enhancing drugs, can seriously impact the short and long-term function of the testicles. Many people believe that these drugs might enhance their production of sperm when in fact, the opposite is true. Too many people with otherwise successful vasectomy reversal procedures fail  to father children because of this single factor alone.

All testicles potentially suffer damage from the obstruction caused by the vasectomy. In most instances, this damage heals quickly. Some patients do not heed our recommendations and we know of at least one who became pregnant within 24 hours of the vasectomy reversal procedure. Usually, testicular recovery will take several months or longer to return to normal. Unfortunately, some testicles take longer and some testicles never fully recover.



I just emailed our baby pictures to you Dr Daniel. Every time I look at my little boy I can’t believe how fortunate we are that God put you in our path. I can’t convey how very thankful my family is that we found your clinic and that our procedure was successful.  I gave birth to Elijah at 38.4 weeks;  he was 8lbs 1oz and 20 inches long he was born 9 months and 6 days after Daniel’s procedure.  As I have stated before, God bless you and your staff for all the work you do 🙂  This recommendation just doesn’t seem to be enough. There isn’t enough thank you’s in the world.  The procedure itself was handled wonderfully. We recommend Dr Daniel and his staff to anyone interested in a reversal. I work in the healthcare field as an RN and I am very picky about the doctors my family & I family go to. I couldn’t have asked for a cleaner facility, more professional experience, or a better interaction with the staff and physician. Thank you all so very much ~Eva


You performed a reversal on my husband James after 11 YEARS after the original procedure! You said it was successful and though I had my doubts You sir are a GENIUS! I am proud to report we are 5 weeks pregnant with our first child :).  I am thrilled beyond belief. Dr. Daniels’ is a real miracle worker and may God bless you for all the fine work you do sir and have a great many more years in doing so! You made my dreams come true thank you from the bottom of my heart. Stephanie and James.


Attached is a picture of Jonathan, who was born Nov. 5th. (13 months post reversal) He is such a joy to us and we are so grateful to you for providing us with this opportunity to enlarge our family. When we had the procedure, we were apprehensive that it would be successful (I’m 41!), but as you can see it worked!! Thank you!!!

It is important to abstain from sex and other physical activities during the first 30 days following the reversal procedure to allow adequate time for the tissue strength to build so that there will not be any accidental pulling or distraction of the vas. This is a very small structure and it does not take a lot of negligence to strain the union enough to cause a failure. For some reason, a lot of men want to start going to the gym and getting in shape immediately after their vasectomy reversal surgery. Some of these men have not seen a gym in years. It is very important to let things heal first. And, yes, there will be other hunting seasons.

We are aware that many doctors post statistics on their websites that can be confusing or misleading at best. Most of these numbers are quoting published journal articles as most of us do not employ a full-time statistician, which would be required to keep such numbers up to date and meaningful. Perhaps that is why most of the numbers posted have not been updated in over a decade! Even the definition used for the success of a vasectomy reversal can be misleading and cause confusion. As such, we prefer not to use numbers that might confuse or mislead. Instead, we rely on our patients to tell their stories. We do not however force or pressure our patients to submit such follow-up. It is solely their choice to provide this information. It is understood that fertilization is not always an immediate result and that these things take time for both fraternal and maternal reasons.

The best way to ensure success after a reversal procedure is to follow the specific directions regarding rest and recovery time. Dr. Daniel is going to spend a considerable amount of time with you to be certain you understand the procedure and the care that is needed following the procedure. It is proper to abstain from any activity that would cause ejaculation for at least 30 days. He will go over any additional questions you might have as well that he might not have mentioned to you himself to be certain you have had all your questions answered as well having been told what he feels you should know before undertaking this procedure.


We just want to thank you for the help last October. Alex and I are expecting and due in March; its a baby girl and the sonogram pictures are attached. We can’t thank you enough as this was not just a reversal, it was a bit of a long shot. Alex was told she had a 3% chance of having a child naturally and I am 42. So, this was a bit of a gamble but, with your help and support, we are well on our way to the family for which we were hoping. So, please pass on our best to your staff and thank you for your expertise – it means the world to us.


It has been 9 years post vasectomy, 41 years old, and I’m ready to start my new life with my lovely bride-to-be. We visited Dr. Daniel and his team in late Oct 2009 and following our consult and surgery, were hopeful about our chances. We waited several weeks before we tried to conceive and found out early December we got pregnant. Unfortunately, this ended in a miscarriage around the end of January 2010. Needless to say, we were both very saddened at that time.Several weeks later, we tried again and are happy to report we are pregnant again. We are currently at week 13 with mother and baby both doing well. We cannot thank you all enough for giving us an opportunity to start our new lives together with our new family. We are due sometime in early November 2010 and will send pictures in the future.


…Your staff was very professional, nice, and courteous. It put me at ease, frankly, and made for as pleasant experience as one can expect when undergoing this procedure. FYI: I’ve been tested and have learned that the operation was successful, so thanks! Next step, new person. We could have gone anywhere to have this procedure done, to include going to Australia which we considered, since we live in Korea. But, chose your facility based mostly on your quick and professional responses to e-mail inquiries. Good websites are nice, but quick and professional responses to questions are more important, and you were the best!


Everything was spectacular – You were so compassionate, caring, punctual, and informative – It was a wonderful experience. We had our reversal in October and found out we were pregnant in January!


On June 20, our son was born. We both want to thank you for giving us the ability to have a son. You and the rest of your staff were wonderful and we have since recommended you to several of our friends.