"Vasectomy Reversal Surgery Is All We Do"

I specialize in vasectomy reversal surgery, and this is my passion. I  provide service to the Eastern United States and around the globe. I love what I do.

Our facility is located off I-95 on HWY 278 in the Legacy Medical Center complex about 7 miles before the bridge to Hilton Head Island, about 13 miles north of the Savannah airport.

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing I helped a couple have a baby and grow their family. I have been performing vasectomy reversal procedures for over 25 years and again, this is all I do. I can guarantee to provide you with the best possible care and the most professional staff available anywhere. We have a state of the art facility designed and dedicated to the performance of vasectomy reversal surgery alone.

I will guarantee that I will provide my full attention to every detail of your procedure and treat you as though your children were my children. In a personal and professional respect, they are. I will perform all aspects of your surgery myself. I will explain everything to you before the surgery and will go over the procedure with you again myself after the procedure. This is the only surgery I do, and I do it every day. I do not believe in gimmicks to replace experience and expertise. Please call my office with your questions. We look forward to serving you.

Our Surgical Facility

A Licensed Vasovasostomy Clinic In South Carolina
  • Same day consultations and surgery.
  • One low guaranteed price.
  • Re-do patients welcome.
  • No change in fee for bypass (vasoepididymostomy) procedures if needed.
  • No additional facility fees.

Meet Dr. Daniel

Best Vasoepididymostomy Center In  South Carolina
  • 25+ year experience performing microsurgical vasectomy reversal procedures.
  • Board Certified by the American Board of Urology.
  • American born and trained.
  • Our fee includes repairing both sides.
  • I perform all of every procedure myself.

**Give Care Credit a call directly if your application is denied or approved for a lower amount than you need. They will frequently reverse their decision with very little additional information.**

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